Japanese Name:
十四代 龍泉

Juyondai means "14th generation", as the current president is the 14th generation owner of Takagi Shuzo brewery, which started in 1615. Juyondai is one of Yamagata Prefecture's most well-known premium sake labels.

JUYONDAI RYUSEN is a Shizuku Drip Sake, which is produced by gathering the essence of cold dripped sake over an extended period of time. It is made from the highest grade Yamadanishiki and brewed using ultra low temperature method. It has prominent and aromatic floral fragrances, complex and rich flavours. A dream sake of sake connoisseurs.

Sake Competition 2019 - Super Premium Gold Award

Score: 99 points
Liwen Hao - Wine Advocate (Apr 2018, #236)

Prefecture:                    Yamagata

Brewery:                         Takagi Shuzo

Grade:                              Junmai Daiginjo

Polishing Ratio:             35%

Rice Type:                              Hyogo Special A Yamadanishiki

Alcohol Percentage:            16.0% alc./vol

Volume:                                  720 ml

AB SKU#:                                868918