Japanese Name:
十四代 中取り 純米 播种山田锦

Juyondai means "14th generation", as the current president is the 14th generation owner of Takagi Shuzo brewery, which started in 1615. Juyondai is one of Yamagata Prefecture's most well-known premium sake labels.

This JUNMAI GINJO YAMADANISHIKI collects the best balance of flavor and mellow aroma, and it is a glossy sake that you can fully enjoy the power and taste of sake rice. The typical fourteenth generation refreshing and balanced sweet incense can be spread in an instant, with an outstanding scent like muscat or apple.

Prefecture:                    Yamagata

Brewery:                         Takagi Shuzo

Grade:                              Junmai Ginjo

Polishing Ratio:             50%

Rice Type:                               Yamadanishiki

Alcohol Percentage:             15.0% alc./vol

Volume:                                   1.80L

AB SKU#:                                 868917