CHIYOMUSUBI “SORAH” AWA Style Sparkling Sake

SORAH has the meaning of “beautiful aroma” and “stars in the sunrise” among Native americans, and JAPAN’S PREMIUM SPARKLING SAKE “CHIYOMUSUBI SORAH” is made in the hopes to reflect that beautifully clean dream like atmosphere. CHIYOMUSUBI SORAH is made with the technique of secondary fermentation within the bottle, meaning the bubbles are natural.

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Rice Varieties

  • 100% Goriki


  • It contains the gentle sweetness of rice and mild acidity, and the tiny bubbles last for a long time.


  • Oyster dishes, Beef steak

Type:  Awasake

Platinum Results of London Sake Challenge 2020

Gold medal at Kuramaster 2021

REGION: Japan / Tottori

360 ml: AB SKU#855748  BC SKU#404415
720 ml: AB SKU#855747   BC SKU#404409